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An interesting side note
This restored website is archived as supplemental reading material for Jan Hays' Fashion Forward seminars. Jan includes compelling stories surrounding the building of brands and includes a fascinating story about Google gone wrong. Online reputation is a very important asset that can determine your digital fate. So when the search for the company's name started showing a news item about a fraud arrest & indictment of the director of sales, everyone freaked out. The investors held back. The director resigned. But the Google still showed the fraud result at #4 with a second result at #6, as interest in the story grew. They hired a search results removal service as a last resort to address the growing reputation disaster. This is a remarkable new service that can remove a harmful search result by pushing it down and off page 1. And the company had pay to do it multiple times - it became very expensive. It took several months before Google's page was clean of bad results. But ultimately the brand did well and this search issue became just a footnote. Jan will name the brand in the seminars. Curious which brand it was?


The traditional snapback hat is as popular as ever.

The Snapback is called a"flat peak" in Britain, a"flat cap" in other places, but in the US it is an urban slang term for an adjustable, flat brim baseball cap. Snapbacks are known for the structured fit they provide, as opposed to such caps that are stretch fit, strapbacks, or slouch. The basic design elements of a snapback cap are identical to modern, fitted, flat-billed caps worn by professional baseball players. NBA Snapbacks are like fashion statements, and many fans never even remove the tags! However, snapbacks are less expensive than fitted baseball caps, and have become increasingly trendy in young urban fashion.

Many of the brands you will find here were worn by skate boarders in the 1990's. Other brands have became associated with the hip hop scene. The snapback cap is also one of the most popular styles with sports fans. Snapback designs are available in so many different designs you are sure to find exactly what you want.



The last time I was in Baltimore visiting a college buddy, we attended an Oriole's game. They were playing a weekend series against the Red Sox. I was looking forward to seeing H and how he was doing. He had gone through a rough patch a couple years back where his drinking was making a lot of us concerned about hiis well being. He was not in a good place, to say the least. Several of his Baltimore friends finally did an intervention and convinced him to try, what I thought, was a rather novel approach through an online program at The LifeBac program is not your typical demanding, abstinence is the only approach that is found at AA and many rehab centers. The LifeBac approach still allows participants to continue drinking if they wish to. Now, that really blew my mind. However, the program offers two different anti craving meds, baclofen used off label (I will explain)and Naltrexone, a habit-breaking, FDA-approved medication that targets Alcohol Use Disorder by disabling the reward circuit associated with consuming alcohol. Baclofen is FDA approved to treat muscle spasms. It acts on the spinal cord nerves and decreases the number and severity of muscle spasms caused by multiple sclerosis or spinal cord conditions. However it is not FDA approved to treat AUD. However, researchers and doctors discovered that one of the unexpected side benefits of baclofen is that it helps users suppress alcohol cravings, and break their drinking habit. Baclofen has been used in France and Australia to treat AUD for a number of years. H entered the LifeBac program, set his goals to cut down on his drinking, and with the support of a LifeBAc guide, a therapist, a support group, and friends, started on baclofen at a low dosage that was gradually increased until an effective dose was reached that made H indifferent to alcohol. Friends have told me that he is a new person. No more binge drinking. No more out of control.


I bought a Baltimore Oriole's snapback cap to wear at the game. H whose father is the president of a local residential Baltimore movers and storage company, reminded me that the company, Von Paris Moving & Storage, were the official movers of the Baltimore Orioles. Now how cool is that! I was triply impressed with the private box we sat in to enjoy an evening game. When I showed up with my snapback on everyone gave me a high five! What a great game. H was his regular, fun loving great guy with no drinking issues at all. That LifeBac program is impressive. The Orioles won, of course which made the evening even better!




Diamond Supply Co

Founded in 1998 by Nick Tershay the California based skateboard and clothing line, Diamond Supply Co has gained worldwide recognition with its cutting edge designs. Not only does Diamond Supply have one of the greatest skateboarding teams in the world, their gear is worn by super star rappers; Tony Yayo, Lupe Fiasco. and Lil Wayne. Pick up one of these legendary snapbacks today!
Diamond Supply Co - Rock Snapback Hat –  $25.00

Colors: Gray/Black/White | Black/Yellow | Red/White | Aqua/Black/White | Yellow/Green/White | Gray/Black |  | Black/Red |  | Black/Diamond Blue

Mitchell & Ness Nostalgia Co.

The original sports apparel company from Philadelphia, founded in 1904 by Peter Capolino. What started as vintage jersey reproduction company, now brings us the dopest snapback hats on the market for NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB teams. Rep your team in style with these Mitchell and Ness Snapbacks!

Styles: Mitchell & Ness - NBA Snapback Hat - New York Knicks  $25.00
Mitchell & Ness - NBA Snapback Hat - San Antonio Spurs  Knicks  $25.00


A brand known for it's style, quality, and authenticity; Supreme has worked with some the greatest designers, artists, and musicians of our generation. Founded in 1994, the Supreme store in downtown Manhattan quickly became the home of the NYC skate culture. The Supreme snapbacks, coveted by skaters, punks, and the hip-hop scene, are available now at Snapback25!

Supreme - 5 Panel Camp Snapback / Strapback Hat –$25.00
Colors: Black / Blue  / Green / Brown / Grey / Purple / Red /  Snow Leopard / Leopard


What started out as a sticker made by Shepard Fairy in 1989? You guessed it, OBEY Clothing. Shepard Fairey, a contemporary artist, graphic designer, and illustrator emerged from the skateboarding scene. The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, calls him one of today's best known and most influential street artists.
While studying at the Rhode Island School of Design Fairey created what is now a worldwide street art campaign. OBEY was formed in 2001, with roots in the punk rock and skateboarding counterculture and a few pop culture cues. Own a piece of this movement with these OBEY snapback hats!

Obey - Original Snapback Hat – $25.00
Colors: Black/White |  Black/Red  |  Grey/Black | Blue | Yellow/Black  |  Red

Dope Couture

Dope Couture, mostly known as "DOPE" is one of the highest-rising premiere level street wear brands. This line has been seen on Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, Jay Z, Mac Miller, and Kendrick Lamar. Founded in 2007 with the goal of providing everyone with a luxurious and lavish lifestyle. Our goal at Snapback25 is to provide everyone with hard to find hats at a reasonable price!

Dope Couture - Logo Snapback Hat – $25.00
Colors: Blue/White | Red/White | Black/Yellow  |  Green/White/Yellow | Black/White

Last Kings

We have the latest snapback hats from Tyga's Last Kings line. Inspired by ancient Egyptian culture, the line was introduced in 2010 and it's been a huge hit. These Last Kings snapbacks are sold out almost everywhere. Fortunately Snapback25 has you covered! All the hot brands, always in stock!

Last Kings - Logo Snapback Hat –$25.00  
Colors: Red  | Black | Blue/Black | Gray


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